Red and White Wines and Sparkling Wines

After years of success promoting Precious Vodka® we decided to introduce new line of products. On customers demand we present “Wine Lines” to fulfill our valuable customer’s requests. And enhance variety of product that Jewel Lines offer to all of you that love and support Precious Vodka®.

We selected two wines one red and one white and two sparkling wines one dry and one sweet.

Our red wine is special blend of Merlot grape finest selection white is based on Chardonnay type of grapes. Our sparkling lines guarantee satisfaction for all your senses.



Latino Vino red with a soft and velvety, rich aromas of dried red fruits, picante finish of vanilla and caramel. That are followed by full-bodied red-fruit flavors.

Latino Vino White strong fruit flavors, changing from citrus to pineapple and banana, tends to be more crisp and fresh. With extensive oak aging, they become creamy and buttery with vanilla, spice and oak flavors.

Forte Continental have more floral and fruit notes typically from the grapes that have been blended into the wine.  Forte Continental is dry on the palate, yet the aromas and flavors lean towards apple, pear, and citrus.

Prosecco tends to have more present fruit and flower aromas which are a product of the grape. Because the wines are aged in large tanks with less pressure Prosecco bubbles are lighter, frothy and spritz with less persistence.