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Important Notice

It should be noted that we are not selling exclusive rights to distribute Precious Vodka® in any country or territory in the world. Any person offering territorial rights for sale claiming to act on behalf of the owners of Precious Vodka® are acting without the authorization of the rightful owners. Precious Vodka® will be not responsible or liable for any losses that might occur due to entering into such agreements. Please contact the company directly for all inquiries. A list of authorized importers can be found in the “Distributors Section” of our official websites. We only sell Precious Vodka® to our licensed distributors and retailers.


Please note that website is not associated with Jewel Lines Precious Vodka Brand. We strongly suggest not to place any orders via this website!!!We will be not liable if you choose to ignore this warning.Authorized Dealer contact info below.

        James Milleew         Chateau Imports Ltd Tel 516-841-6343